Innovazione in pista: Materiali compositi nelle carene racing per moto

Innovation on the track: Composite materials in motorcycle racing fairings

Aviofiber clearly differs from traditional fiberglass (...) an even lighter, more resistant and flexible material than its more famous counterpart. Racing fairings made with aviofiber are synonymou...
Evoluzione delle Moto da Pista: Storia di Leggerezza e Prestazioni

Evolution of Track Motorcycles: History of Lightness and Performance

"The evolution of track motorcycles over the years has been characterized by a constant commitment to lightness, performance and electronics.The use of lightweight materials in the fairings has pla...
Niente più graffi sul tuo serbatoio!

No more scratches on your tank!

Maintain the beauty of your original tank even when using racing covers.
Sapienza Gladiators Racing Team, il prototipo vestito 666CARBON

Sapienza Gladiators Racing Team, the prototype dressed in 666CARBON

The partnership with 666carbon guaranteed not only an eye-catching aesthetic, but also a significant contribution to the lightness and resistance of the hulls used in the project. The combination o...
Professionisti per l'Installazione delle Carene da Pista: Sicurezza al Primo Posto

The Crucial Importance of Relying on Professionals for the Installation of Track Fairings: Safety First

Track racing requires not only skill and determination, but also the utmost attention to safety. The installation of track fairings is a critical aspect that is often overlooked but of vital import...
Eleva la tua moto da pista a un nuovo livello con una verniciatura personalizzata!

Take your track bike to a new level with a custom paint job!

Custom painted track fairings offer an extraordinary opportunity for personal expression, customization, and protection for your track bike. Whether you're looking to stand out on the track or crea...
Vantaggi dell' Aviofibra sulle Moto da Pista

Advantages of Aviofibre on Track Motorcycles

The Advantages of Using Aviofiber Fairings for Track Motorcycles: Focus on Lightness and Practicality.Air fiber fairings for track motorcycles are essential elements that offer various advantages o...
Buono Regalo 666carbon

666carbon Gift Card

Do you want to give a gift to a motorcycle enthusiast but you don't know what to get??? We'll help you!... With the 666carbon gift card you give the enthusiast the possibility to choose direct...
COVER IN CARBONIO, Serve davvero!?

CARBON COVER, Do you really need it!?

CARBON COVER, Do you really need it!?