For the correct assembly of all the fairings and accessories produced by us, it is essential to take precautions to prevent damage or scratches to sensitive parts of the motorbike, such as the painted details, the frame and the tank. Furthermore, it is extremely important to rely on a expert professional in the sector for the installation, in order to guarantee maximum safety of the work carried out. This will prevent components from coming loose during track use, potentially jeopardizing the safety of the rider and anyone nearby.



We recommend always turning to qualified mechanics with experience in the motorcycle racing, track, racing or competitive motorcycling sector. 666CARBON assumes no responsibility for private assembly.

We recommend fixing our carbon components (by competent personnel) with transparent silicone, double-sided tape, clamps and where possible original screws, couplings or hooks of the motorbike.

666CARBON srls reserves the right NOT to be legally responsible for any improper use of the products sold, or for their incorrect assembly.

Step by step guide


1st step

Using a microfibre cloth and some isopropyl alcohol, thoroughly clean the surface where the piece will be applied.

2nd STEP

Apply high-strength cloth adhesive tape across the entire area that will subsequently be covered by the carbon piece.

3rd step

Apply silicone (as seen in the video) throughout the adhesion area between the piece and the motorbike, taking care to apply it exclusively over the previously positioned tape.

ATTENTION: Not all types of silicone have a strong adhesion to the tape, we therefore recommend carrying out a test before assembling the products, in order to avoid them coming unstuck unexpectedly.

4th step

For some products, it may be necessary to apply plastic ties in order to hold the piece in position until the silicone has completely adhered and dried, but we recommend keeping them where possible as they themselves constitute an additional fixing method.