COVER IN CARBONIO, Serve davvero!?

CARBON COVER, Do you really need it!?

CARBON COVER, Do you really need it!?
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Many wonder whether carbon engine guards have a purely aesthetic function or even a functional one, in our case they are more than functional... they work!!

What would have happened to this crankcase cover without our protection!? If you don't want to find out, buy a protection kit for your engine now, light, beautiful and functional!

Carbon crankcase covers are accessories designed to protect the motorcycle engine crankcase, for example:

Impact and slip protection: Carbon crankcase covers offer a protective barrier to the engine crankcase, which is a critical and often expensive part of the motorcycle. In the event of a fall or collision, the carbon absorbs part of the impact and protects the crankcase from dents, cracks or fractures.

Protection from Debris and Foreign Objects: When driving on the road or track, there may be debris, rocks or other objects that can be thrown against the engine crankcase.
Carbon crankcase covers act as a shield, preventing such objects from damaging the crankcase or reducing its integrity.

Minimize Fluid Leaks: If there is damage to the crankcase, such as a crack or puncture, an oil or coolant leak may occur. Carbon crankcase covers can limit the amount of damage caused, reducing the chance of significant leaks.

Aesthetics and customization: In addition to the protective function, the carbon crankcase covers give an attractive look to the motorbike. Many motorcyclists appreciate the sporty look that carbon can give to their bike.

Minimize damage in the event of falls, even at low speed: Even in minor falls, carbon crankcase covers can offer some protection to the engine. They can reduce abrasion and wear that may occur on the crankcase during these situations.

In summary, carbon crankcase covers represent an effective solution for protecting the heart of the motorcycle, the engine, from potentially costly damage. However, it is important to underline that the use of carbon crankcase covers does not eliminate the risk of engine damage, but can significantly reduce the extent of damage in the event of accidents or slips.