Vantaggi dell' Aviofibra sulle Moto da Pista

Advantages of Aviofibre on Track Motorcycles

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The Advantages of Using Aviofiber Fairings for Track Motorcycles: Focus on Lightness and Practicality.

Air fiber fairings for track motorcycles are essential elements that offer various advantages on the track, mainly on lightness and practicality. Let's see how these fairings contribute to improving performance and the rider's experience:

1 - Aesthetic customization:

First of all, the eye also wants its part, the aviofiber fairings can be customized with a vast range of colors and designs. This customization allows private individuals, drivers and teams to create a unique and recognizable image. In addition to improving the aesthetic appearance of the bike, it contributes to building a visual identity that stands out from other bikes on the track.

2 - Overall Weight Reduction:
Since they do not have provisions for the lights, the license plate and all the other standard accessories of the motorbike, the fairings in aviofibre are considerably lighter compared to those made of ABS plastic. The use of aviofibre allows the creation of light fairings. but resistant and very flexible. Reducing the overall weight of the motorcycle has a slight impact on performance, as a lighter motorcycle responds more quickly to rider input, improves cornering agility and requires less effort during maneuvers.

3 - Ease of maintenance and practicality in the paddock:

The aviofiber fairings are relatively easy to disassemble and reassemble (typically, in fact they never have more than eight / ten quick release screws to anchor the entire fairing to the motorbike, it varies according to the models) this greatly simplifies the operations maintenance and adjustment of the motorbike. This feature is particularly useful in racing contexts, where motorcycle tuning may require quick and frequent interventions. Let's face it, everyone has had to do small adjustments or maintenance on the track which requires removing some parts of the fairing.

4 - Resistance and durability:

Air fiber is a material resistant to impacts and abrasions. Air fiber hulls can withstand exposure to various stress conditions without suffering significant damage, therefore they prove to be very advantageous given their low costs (compared to those of a new series hull), and their general resistance to the marine environment. TRACK.
Obviously they are NOT invincible, but they certainly make the costs of any repairs following a hypothetical slip less expensive.

In summary, the use of aviofiber fairings on track motorcycles offers tangible advantages in terms of practicality, customization and general resistance. These elements contribute to making these fairings the most suitable for the needs of the rider and the team.